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Digital Design in New Plymouth
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Web design in New Plymouth

I'm a graphic designer, shop owner, full time mom, blogger and wife.

Creating for me is not always about the final outcome. Working with clients is a gratifying endeavour that offers as many rewarding opportunities as the end product.

Throughout the process, I collaborate with my clients to discover their own personal style. In addition, my knowledge of the market, trends and an eye for what is on the horizon, allow me to design products that are both currently relevant and progressive.

I've always been a visual person. But coming from Venezuela, where academic pressure pushes us in a vocational direction from an early age, I found myself in an accounting degree that I had no connection to. After 2 years I realised that it wasn't for me and moved into advertising and finished my bachelor 5 years later.


Before I even received my piece of paper I knew I needed an adventure and hopped on a plane bound for Spain, the land of paella and endless fiesta. In Spain I completed my Masters in Marketing and then I moved to Australia for love. It was here that I discovered my passion for creating.  

Photography in New Plymouth
Graphic design in New Plymouth

I became a craft-based designer after I started my own business in the textile industry.

The path of finding ones place in this world is usually challenging but the challenges are what makes it worthwhile when you find it.

I truly believe we all have a creative gene. I see it everyday in a photo from my dad or pictures my daughter draws, because is not about the final product, it's about the creative process. 

If you have a creative idea in mind I invite you to share it with me and let's get creative.


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