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"Here's you and me"

This is what happens to me, and to most of my friends.

Nowadays, you don't print a lot of photos, you take photos on your phone and what happens with mum's is that when you go onto your photo album you see, it's photos of your kids, and the kids with their dad's, and usually when you find a photo of yourself it's a selfie that you took yourself.

Sometimes I wish I had real photos of me with my kids, just being home, doing what we do when there's no one around. That's what real life is all about right?

Well, that's what I think, it's those natural, real life moments. It's not about dressing up and posing, and making everything clean and spotless. That's not motherhood/parenthood. It's about cooking breakfast, hugging each other, taking a bath.

I want to document your day, see it, treasure it, because sometimes as a mum, you're not always "there", not always present to what is going on. Sometimes you are and sometimes you are not.

My idea is to treasure those moments, to capture them using my camera. I am not going to "recreate" anything, I am going to capture the real moments of you being with your kids, looking after them, feeding them, giving them a bath, running after them, loving them.

I want to see a day in your life, I want you to show your kids these photos, being able to say "here's you and me taking a bath"..."here's you and me playing in the garden", here's you and me being you and me.

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